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Charities that have received grants from the Tunstall Jubilee Foundation

Breck Bednar with his mother.

The Breck Foundation

Our organisation was founded in 2014 in response to the tragic loss of Breck Bednar, a 14-year-old boy who was groomed and murdered by someone he met online. Our work aims to prevent this from ever happening again. Our work saves lives.

We gave a number of grants to the Breck Foundation, which was a wonderful organisation to be involved with. To gain more of an insight to it, it’s best to visit their website I first met Lorin La Fave – Breck’s mother, some years back with we were both presenting at a Fostering Conference. I was blown away by her strength and tenacity to protect children and young people online. She lost her son to an online ‘young’ predator at only 14 years of age and now she goes to schools, colleges, police conferences – you name it  -to share her story and educate children and adults on how to keep safe online. We’ve paid for ambassadors and other necessary ways to get the message across to as many people as possible.  Sheila Patel

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder charity

With rising rates of mental illness and suicide, the effects of drinking during pregnancy cannot be underestimated. We live in a drinking culture and the negative effects of alcohol consumption have been established. Awareness needs to be raised. Many women won’t stop drinking until they’ve missed their first period – unless they’re planning on getting pregnant, women will keep drinking. We feel these videos will help launch our Charity’s message on a global scale with social media clips and valuable training aids. Your Tunstall Jubilee Foundation’s support of FASD Awareness SE, has enabled us to become one of the most respected organisations in the UK and helped signpost many effected by FASD to receive the right kind of help and support.

The Spark Foundation

The Spark Foundation provides grants for young people who are, or were, in care, so they can have the same chances as everyone else.

The Foundation receives a yearly grant from TJF to assist young people to not only survive but to thrive in today’s society. It strives to give opportunities like driving lessons, equipment for training courses, laptops for university studies, educational trips, as well as supplying some home essentials.

It is truly amazing to see the difference these smaller grants make in the lives of those who apply.


Creed Outdoor Learning Trust

The foundation has a large wood that was planted at Castlewood Farm to mark the Millennium and we have granted a lease at no cost to this Trust to enable them to use it as a base for their activities.
Creed design, develop and deliver new activities and programmes for young people that are educational, adventurous, affordable and most importantly fun, to be beneficial for their mental health and wellbeing. In the woods they provide archery, climbing, high ropes and abseiling, survival skills, team building and problem solving and orienteering as well as environmental activities such as pond dipping, and wild life identification and environmental artwork. Some of the Trust’s activities are seen on the photographs on the Foundation’s website.

Wealden Works

Wealden Works is a rural employability programme which gives opportunities for young people aged 16-24 in the Wealden area of Sussex by bridging the gap between education and work. Young people who do not benefit from contacts with the business world and other support networks are enabled to take an important step on their personal journey into employment and to contribute to citizenship activities.

Maltby Learning Trust

Following the sad death of Mr Gavin Wraith-Cater who was a Trustee of the Foundation, the trustees made a decision to form a supportive working relationship with the Sir Thomas Wharton Academy, which is part of Maltby. Gavin had attended and been head boy at this school which is in a relatively deprived area of South Yorkshire. The Trust pays for two bursaries for two students each year for the length of their university studies. We currently support students who are studying medicine, chemistry and mathematics and are we are currently considering candidates for the third year of this scheme.

Enthum Foundation

Enthum provide two houses in East Sussex as safe and sustainable homes for unaccompanied children aged 16-18 seeking asylum in the UK. They provide a holistic residential community committed to reciprocal learning in a family environment which provides a safe place for such young people to start the journey into their new lives.